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Conquest - Two player Starter Set (2022)

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Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Bloood with our new 2 player Starter Set!

With proposed scenarios designed to ease you into the system of Conquest, the box contains a starter warband and a commander unit for each faction - Hundred Kingdoms and Spires.

The Hundred Kingdoms are our faction of traditional human armies, Knights and Cavalry on horses - "realistic" models for those players not into high fantasy. The Spires are a fantastical group of creatures - like no others. They all appear to have been through a bio event that created unusual appearances and extreme power for these Brutes and Monsters.

The set is ready for two players to clash on the field. play a rank and flank style of game with the Last Argument of Kings rule set, 2 copies of the 1.5 edition rules are included. And use your same miniatures to play our Skirmish style of game with First Blood. Our new First Blood 2.0 ruleset will debut in early 2022, with more competitive strategy built into the rules.

Whether you rally the might of the Hundred Kingdoms or command the twisted creations of the Spires, the objective is one and the same: Conquest.

2 player Value Starter Set - Complete Starter Army sets for Spires and Hundred Kingdoms, including Command Sprues and plastic Miniatures, 6 model markers, 2 TLAOK 1.5 Rule Books, 12 Dice, 2 complete Army Support Card decks, Coupons for $10 off First Blood 2.0 Rulebooks with preview, and path of Conquest tutorial.